baseball aww yeah

I wanna brag for just a sec...

This is easily the coolest and rarest baseball card I've ever owned.

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Did I mention that Nolan Ryan is, in my opinion, the best Texas Rangers player ever, as well as one of the best ever to play the game? :)

Oh, and I must have one of these bumper stickers from around D/FW: "My president is Nolan Ryan," referring to the Rangers' newest team president.
baseball aww yeah

Texas Legislature up to something...

...but this time, it's USEFUL. Quoth the Dallas Morning News:

Texas amendment would prohibit HOA foreclosures

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To summarize: No more foreclosures by HOAs, per the state Constitution (which is slightly less easy to repeal than a regular law), for dues and certain fees. Assessments may still be the basis of a foreclosure, but those must be put to a specific vote of the association membership. In addition, highlights from the companion bill:

- Association covenants giving right of entry to the association are prohibited unless such rights are contained as an easement on the property plat; considered void as against public policy
- The records of the association must be open and available to all members of the association, and a member denied such access may sue
- The association must contract with a county judge, elections administrator or voter registrar to handle the tabulation of votes in an election; oh, and those ballots must be in writing and signed by the member
- An association may not prohibit solar energy devices installed on the roof or in the member's fenced in yard or patio
- An association may not prohibit the parking of a vehicle on a public street in the association; considered void as against public policy

I have little faith that this bill will make it through unscathed, but it is being put forward by a Republican AND sponsored in the Senate by a Democrat, so maybe there's hope. If it passes in any form similar to the current text, Texas' HOA laws will become some of the strongest in the country.

Oh, and because I love you all: